What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Enjoy better results for your time and effort by having an expert take care of all the complicated stuff, and receive friendly support via your mobile!

Unlimited workouts designed just for you, your goals, and your schedule.


Specific and manageable advice on how to eat in a way that suits you.


Personal support on overall health, mental wellbeing, and motivation.

What does Online Coaching do?

Online coaching is all about giving you clarity and direction on your health and fitness goals.

It's essential that you have measurable, realistic goals set, and understanding why those goals are meaningful to you is the key to keeping you motivated.

I create flexible exercise plans to fit around your lifestyle that make the best possible use of your time and energy. Your personal program will take into account your current fitness level, the equipment you have available and will help you build a healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits.

My goal is to help you feel truly confident and enjoy working out.

I'll be on hand to answer questions and give you feedback whenever you need it.

What do you get from Online Coaching?

I created this service to help people in ways that conventional Personal Training didn't allow me to.

By coaching you online, I can give you much more detailed instructions and communicate with you more frequently to provide you with:


  • Step by step strategies to help you build better nutrition habits for life

  • The confidence to truly enjoy using the gym independently

  • Fresh ideas for exercises and workouts to keep things varied and interesting

  • Healthy challenges to keep you progressing over time

  • Strategies to help you achieve real-life results

  • The freedom to ask any fitness, nutrition or health-related questions whenever you like

  • Someone to listen to your concerns and help you maintain perspective

  • Guidance on exactly what to do in the gym for your body and goals

Can Online Coaching help me reach my goals?

If you're dedicated to improving yourself physically and mentally, including making an effort to improve other aspects of your health such as nutrition, sleep, mental health, and lifestyle, Online Coaching can help you:

  • Spend your time & effort efficiently

  • Lose weight

  • Get fitter

  • Build strength

  • Be more flexible and mobile

  • Learn proper exercise technique

  • Learn how to eat for your needs

  • Develop a positive mental attitude

  • Prepare for an amateur race or competition

  • Improve your posture

  • Enjoy an active lifestyle

  • Boost mental focus

  • Reduce stress

  • Focus more on yourself

  • Cultivate a balanced lifestyle

  • Manage aches and pains

  • Come back from an injury

  • Build healthy muscle

  • Look better

  • Avoid health problems

  • Build confidence

  • Feel energized

I'm so glad you asked! Here's what you can expect right from day one onwards!

Sounds Great. How Does It Work?

Step One: Consultation

During an in-depth  conversation, we’ll get to know each other, and establish your goals and training requirements

Book free

consultation today!

Step Two:

Get Moving

Receive Regular Workouts Via WhatsApp

  • The frequency & length of your workouts will be as agreed in your initial consultation and can be adjusted as necessary

  • Workouts will take into account the equipment you have available and any other changing requirements, eg holidays

  • Program will be sent in pack for next week, so you will be able mentally prepared for it!

  • These will appear in your WhatsApp every Saturday!

  • After receiving, decide which days you will plan this training and I will remain you about your training during the week! 

  • Every exercise comes with my video so you can be clear on technique

  • Includes specific instructions from me on how to complete each exercise

Step Three:

Get Coached

  • Fill in your results with metrics such as how much weight you lifted, or how far you ran

  • You have the option to upload short videos of your exercise technique

  • Use the comments box below the workout to give me any other feedback, or ask a question

  • Get my feedback on every workout you complete

  • Receive specific tips and advice to help you get more from your workouts

  • Includes technique assessment on any videos you upload so you can be sure you’re getting it right

  • After workout completing, drop me a picture and your fealing to allow me to track your frequency and results!

Real-Time Conversations

  • Schedule two video or phone consultations every month 

  • Enjoy plenty of real-time conversations to nurture our client-coach relationship

  • Ask any questions which you have during a conversation or drop me a message in WhatsApp 24/7!

Is Online Coaching Right For Me?

Online coaching provides a high level of support and guidance and allows you to work out in your own time and live on your terms. You can train in your own gym or at home, and there are no physical appointments to travel for.

If you're prepared to take action, follow expert advice, and stay consistent to reach your goals then

online coaching is PERFECT for you.

Apply To Become An Online Coaching Client

Fill in the form to enquire about Online Coaching and wait for my message in WhatsApp


Buzz Gym, Herschel Street, Slough, SL1 1PG // 07473533531


Apply To Become An Online Coaching Client

Fill in the form to enquire about Online Coaching and wait for my message in WhatsApp


Buzz Gym, Herschel Street, Slough, SL1 1PG // 07473533531



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